Frequently asked questions about Ghent University Global Campus admissions types / requirements, prerequisites, online aptitude test,

online application form, and case of issues with admission preparation.

What are the academic qualifications for GUGC admission?

The General Admission Program is designed for all the applicants who graduated from high school or has attained an equivalent level of education.


For applicants who obtained a high school diploma in Korea, diploma accreditation must have been authorized by Ministry of Education, Korea. For international applicants, diploma accreditation depends on the ‘UGENT Validity of International School Diploma’ list.


Others must have qualifying scores on the General Education Development Test (GED) and AP test scores. To check your credentials, please contact the Admissions Office by email. (admission@ghent.ac.kr)

** The Headmaster’s Recommendation Program is designed for applicants who have completed education in a Korean high school accredited by the Ministry of Korean Education.

How to provide proof of identification – GUGC Admission

Ensure that you have a valid passport and check that the expiration date is still valid by the time of your submission. If your passport expires within a month at the time of your admission, it must be extended when you decided to enter GUGC.

What language should my supporting documents be in?

All supporting documents should be in English. Documents in another language should be accompanied by a notarized English translation.


If you are an international applicant, official certificates (transcripts, diplomas, etc.) must be legalized by the Belgium consular officer in the country that issued the certificates or should be submitted with the attachment of “Apostille”.

How should I prepare for the test?

The test is different to most other exams you will take. It is a mixture of both chemistry and math and you have to complete 20 questions within 120 minutes. It can therefore seem quite difficult to know how to prepare for it. We strongly recommend you to study AP Calculus and AP Chemistry for preparation.

How long does the test score last?

Scores are valid for 2 years from your test date, so make sure to consider that in your plans.

How many times can I take the test?

There is no limit to the number of time you can take the test, but you will be charged $75 for each try.

How can I check the wrong answers afterwards?

There is no option to verify the wrong answers.


What is the credit and exemption procedure?

GUGC does not fully recognizes some kinds of transferable credits from other universities and exam credits. In general, GUGC has a ‘Credit Exemption’ system and so credits will be granted on a case by case basis of the previous courses taken.

I have not obtained my high school diploma yet. Can I apply?

Yes. Most of our applicants are still in their last year of high school when they start their application. In that case, a transcript of grades obtained so far and (if available) a list of predicted final grades is sufficient in order to start the application process.


If you are granted admission and you decide to enroll, a hard copy of your official diploma must be submitted.


*without an official hard copy by the deadline, your admission may be canceled. 

What is the file upload requirements for online application?

All the file sizes must be 8MB or less. Files cannot be password protected.


Please note that you may only submit documents in a PDF format except for your ID picture which must be uploaded in a JPEG or .jpg format.  

Student VISA for international applicants: things you should know after you are admitted.

Please be sure that GUGC issues only the Certificate of Admissions for student VISA (type: D-2) application for the admitted students.


To apply for a student VISA, application for admission must be completed within 60 days. For more information about VISA application materials, please contact Admissions Office by email admission@ghent.ac.kr

What are the requirements to take the test?

  • Computer with an operational web camera

  • Internet must be properly connected

  • A passport must be prepared to verify your identification

  • A credit card (Master, Visa, Amex) for the registration fee ($75)

If you have any questions or technical issues, please contact METTL Technologies support@mettl.com

Things that you should know about the online application

  • If you have a passport, the last/family name that you provide in your application should match the last/family name in your passport.

  • Please make sure to provide accurate contact information (mail and telephone number) so that you can be reached concerning the submission of documents, announcement of admission decisions, etc.

  • For related technical issues or questions, please contact the Admissions Office (admission@ghent.ac.kr)

I have received a file number via email. What is this number for?

Your file number can be used to check the status of your application to GUGC and the result as well.

What happens if I realize that I made a mistake after submitting the application? How do I correct errors?

If you realize that you made an error on your application form, you should send an email to the Admissions and Recruitment Office (admission@ghent.ac.kr) with the update to allow counselors to correct the record and documents that you submitted in your application form.


In this process, your application form may be re-opened to update your information.

Can I go on a campus tour? If so, do I have to register for the tour?

Yes, a limited number of campus tours are offered. Our tours do not include the cafeteria or gym facilities, but we encourage you to stop in during your free time.


If you want to register to attend the campus tour, please contact us by email (admission@ghent.ac.kr)

When will I receive an admission decision?

Admissions Office will notify you of our decision as soon as possible, but no later than 6 weeks after you submitted. Offers of admission are confirmed by a letter from the Admissions Office. Final decisions will be notified via email.

After receiving an offer of admission:

Here is the procedure to make your first days at GUGC easier upon admission

  • Make a payment of fixed fee (non-refundable)

  • Submit official documents as hard copies

  • Get student ID number

  • Apply for housing

  • Tuition fee payment

  • Orientation and Pre-college

  • Start a new semester at GUGC

* For admitted students: Admission Guide provides information regarding bachelor programs, academic preparation, registration process, etc.

How to submit official copies?

Applicants whose graduation status is pending during the time of application should submit hard copies of their Graduation Certificates to the Admissions Office within 14 days via post or in person.


Failure to submit such a document without a valid reason may invalidate any admissions offer.

Mailing Address: #114 Admissions Office, Ghent University Global Campus, 119-5 Songdomunhwa-Ro, Yeongsu-Gu, Incheon, South Korea

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